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Almost every home owner has had an experience with residential construction companies and unfortunatly many of them have been bad experiences. Using a builder from TopBuilder is one way to ensure that you have a good experience with your construction and/or building project.

Despite whether you want to have some renovations done to your home or if you need to have repairs done the important part of your project is to hire a team of professionals who are capable of doing the job correctly.

Home owners, who have had a bad experience with their residential building projects, have realized that their biggest mistake was not doing enough research before they decided on a construction company to do the job.

There is a procedure to go through while you are conducting your research on a prospective building and Construction Company in South Africa, here we give you the steps involved in the procedure so that you can be sure that you are hiring a suitable team of professionals.

First you need to find companies that handle your specific type of residential construction that is required. The best way to find different companies in South Africa is to look in the newspaper, on the internet and speak to your family and friends. It is best to start with at least eight companies on your list, then methodically phone each company and ask them if they are able to do what you want to have done, for example renovate your bathroom. You will probably find that all the companies will say they are able to do the job, but not all of them will have a good telephone manner. To narrow your list down, some good points to consider include: how quickly they answer the phone, how many times you had to be transferred before you got an answer, whether or not you feel comfortable speaking to them on the phone.

After you have spoken to each company on the phone, and decided whether or not you want to continue seeking their services based on their telephone manner, you will have fewer companies on your list. Once you have cut your list down to three or four companies in South Africa you can make appointments with them to meet with you personally at your home.

When you meet with the construction company, do not make a point of letting them know that you have other companies meeting with you as well. There are some important questions you need to ask the representative of the construction company, these are:

– How many projects does the company have going at the present moment?

– Would they be prepared to provide a minimum of three references?

– What payment plans do they follow?

Once you have met with the representative and received quotations from each company you can phone the references provided and get feedback from some of their most recent clients, and then you have to make your decision.

With the correct amount of research you can be sure that you are making an informed decision and will hire the right team of professional constructors for the job you need to have done.



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